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Laser rifle from Lost in Space

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Laser rifle from Lost in Space
Laser rifle from Lost in Space (CBS-TV, 1965-68). This Laser Rifle first appeared on-screen in the second regular episode entitled "The Derelict", where John Robinson uses it to blast a hole in the alien spaceship to free the Jupiter 2. This was the primary weapon used throughout the first season of the show, and would later appear in a modified version for alien use. In remarkable condition, the prop is complete and retains its shoulder strap and clear tipped emitter; it has been repainted to its original state. The prop is constructed almost entirely of metal, as were so many of the Lost in Space props and weapons. A rare and highly desirable prop weapon from the series.

Item 115 at the Profiles in History Ultimate Sci-Fi Auction, 26 April 2003.

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