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Jupiter 2 Flight Deck Computer

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Jupiter 2 Flight Deck Computer
Original flight deck computer from Lost in Space (CBS-TV, 1965-68). One of the most spectacular Lost in Space props surviving today, this "Flight Deck Computer" can be seen in every episode of the classic Irwin Allen television series. Constructed of metal with a masonite rear cover, this prop is in full working order! Still wired to its original transformer and timing motors, when plugged in and switched on, the panel illuminates and flashes just as it did on the series. Like so many props used on the 20th Century Fox lot, this computer found its way to double duty on other classic TV shows, most notably on Batman as one of the Batcave computers in the classic 1960s series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. In fact, the gauge at the upper right corner was a modification for that series. Unlike some claimed original Flight Deck Computers that have found their way into collector's hands, this one did not come from a computer surplus store or a Hollywood rental house. This one was purchased directly from Fox studios in the early 1970's. An exceptional, highly visible original prop from the series.

Item 102 at the Profiles in History Ultimate Sci-Fi Auction, 26 April 2003.

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