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Dr. Smith Roman Helmet

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Dr. Smith Roman Helmet
Lost in Space Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith) Roman Helmet (Twentieth Century Fox TV, 1965-1968). This Roman Helmet worn by Jonathan Harris as "Dr. Smith" (and his clones). In the Lost In Space episode: "Space Destructors", Dr. Smith discovers a machine that generates clones. Naturally, the curmudgeon clones himself and dreams of conquest. This is the helmet one of his army of clones wears in the episode. The helmet is an ornate, cast fiberglass, gold-painted, Imperial Gallic-style helmet. The top of the helmet presents a ridge of red, repurposed push broom-bristle plumage. The visor on this helmet raises and lowers. The theatrical helmet is gold-painted with embossed flourishes and leather-hinged side pieces.

Item (lot 378) sold for $900 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 49 held on 30-31 July 2012.

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