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Penny Robinson 1st Season Spacesuit Gloves

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Penny Robinson 1st Season Spacesuit Gloves
Angela Cartwright "Penny Robinson" first season space suit with gloves from Lost in Space (CBS-TV, 1965-1968). The shiny finish Nomex suit features red satin lining in collar and front closure flap with red detailing on the shoulder and sleeve areas. The gauntlet gloves feature Nomex tops (also red satin-lined) with hands made of conventional material in silver tone. Interior features "20th Century-Fox" bias label handwritten "8599 Cartwright #1". In beautiful condition; silver color in glove palms exhibits wear in color. A wonderful artifact from this classic 1960s sci-fi television production.

Item sold for $20,000 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 40 on 10-12 June 2010.

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