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Will Robinson Miniature Figure Prop

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Will Robinson Miniature Figure Prop
Miniature hand-carved wooden Billy Mumy "Will Robinson" figure from Lost in Space. (CBS, 1965 - 1968) A 4 x 10 in. hand-carved wooden puppet in the image of Billy Mumy as "Will Robinson" in the Sci-Fi TV series Lost in Space. The wooden figure is jointed at the shoulders and hips. With a small post extending from the left foot of the sort used for fastening a miniature to an animation table of for affixing the figure to a surface for standing. The figure is crudely carved as if to give it a homemade look and is painted in silver red and space suit with flesh-colored face and hands. The figure shows studio-distress and wear and the right knee is chipped. In production-used good condition.

Lot 316 sold for $600 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 62 held on 21 December 2013.

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