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Original 3 Foot Flying Sub Miniature Prop

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Original 3 Foot Flying Sub Miniature Prop
Original screen-used "FS-1" Flying Sub filming miniature from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TCF TV, 1964-1968). The mini-submarine, the Flying Sub (referred to as "FS-1"), was introduced in the second season of Irwin Allen's sci-fi adventure Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This futuristic craft was launched from a berth beneath its mothership, the SSRN Seaview and could jet out of the water to fly like an airplane. This is the wet-for-wet filming miniature used for the scenes where the Flying Sub splashes into the water (as seen in the closing credits throughout season 2) as well as the scenes depicting the Flying Sub exiting the water and in aerial sequences. Constructed of sturdy fiberglass with metal and wood detailing, the miniature measures 35.5 in. long x 36 in. wide. Painted to detail in signature yellow with blue, black and grey trim, the ship features a solid front and no interior in order for it to survive the forces encountered when plunging into the water. The miniature was "flown" via two small guide wires that travel through small tubes that run the length of the model. This was to use the "Lydecker system" of aerial miniatures, as used in the great Republic serials and many other films. Tilting one wire would make it look like the miniature was turning like a real plane does, banking to one side. Exhibits minor scuffs and bumps encountered from production use; the top and rear hatch and rear fašade detailing are not present but could be easily restored. In overall very good condition and presents itself beautifully. The organic, manta ray-inspired design of the Flying Sub so captivated the public that in 1966 Aurora released a plastic model kit that became enormously popular. This piece has been in a private collection since 1980, this being the first time it has been available to the public. Without question, one of the most highly desired filming miniatures from 1960s science fiction.

Lot 311 sold for $30,000 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 62 held on 21 December 2013.

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