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Japanese Land of the Giants stamps

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Japanese Land of the Giants stamps
Land of the Giants: Japan Tokyo 12ch TV's Prize Winning Stamp Set (from Japanese TV Series "Kyojin No Wakusei").
Set of special Tokyo 12ch ad stamps, original first man on the moon us 10c stamp, and stamp holder.
Produced by Tokyo 12ch Television (AKA Television Tokyo) in 1969.
* Holder Size: (Closed) approx 6.0" x 4.0" inches, (Opened) approx 6.0" x 8.0"
* Tokyo 12ch AD Stamp: approx 3.8" x 5.8" inches
* First Man on the Moon Stamp: This Stamp is an original, not a reprint or a copy.
eBay auction number 282442183325, ending 28th April 2017

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