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Try the quiz without watching or looking up anything on the episodes and let us know how many questions you get correct?


1. As THE CRASH opens, what day, month, and year is given for Spindrift's encounter with the space warp?

2. What was the name of the GHOST TOWN?

3. How many corporations was Mark Wilson a chairperson of before the age of thirty?

4. In DOUBLE CROSS, what was the name of the ruby that Fitzhugh helped Lobo and Hook to steal?

5. What brought a premature end to Dan's career as an athlete?

6. The home planet of the passengers and crew of Flight 612 wasn't the only object in the Solar System that was of interest to Doctor Franzen in TARGET: EARTH. For one point each, name the other two planets he hoped to explore.

7. The group from the Spindrift usually found the over-sized cats of the LAND OF THE GIANTS to be a menace, but on one occasion, Steve and Mark's lives were saved by one. In which episode did this occur?

8. What was the name of the night club owned by Biff in GIANTS AND ALL THAT JAZZ?

9. In COMEBACK, the cosmic castaways of Flight 612 almost became stars of the (exceptionally!) big screen. What would have been the name of the film in which they were to have appeared?

10. To what year did Olds and Fielder of A PLACE CALLED EARTH belong?

11. What was the name of the S.I.D. Inspector who had replaced Kobick by the time of THE DEADLY DART?

12. In THE DEADLY DART, what reason is given for Kobick's absence from the later stories of LAND OF THE GIANTS' second season?

13. To all but her closest colleagues, the explosives expert who masterminded the DOOMSDAY plot was known as Doctor North. In the Giant telephone directory, however, she was listed under another name. What was it?

14. Steve and Dan used an S.T.M. to embark on their WILD JOURNEY. What did the initials stand for?

15. Irwin Allen's wife, Sheila Mathews, appeared in two episodes of LAND OF THE GIANTS. Name the stories and, for an extra point each, the characters she portrayed.

16. In addition to Inspector Kobick, two other inhabitants of the LAND OF THE GIANTS encountered the Spindrift party on more than one occasion. For one point each, who were they?

17. One member of the regular cast of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA made a cameo appearance in LAND OF THE GIANTS. Who was he, and in which episode did he appear?

18. Only one member of the regular cast of THE TIME TUNNEL did not appear in LAND OF THE GIANTS. Which one?

19. Name the official body that governs the LAND OF THE GIANTS.

20. What do the initials S.I.D. stand for?

Quiz Answers (no peeking until you've tried to answer the questions)

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