Land of the Giants


There have been many magazines and newsletters produced by dedicated fans around the world. Without the energy generated by these efforts, these shows almost certainly would not have lasted as long as they have.


Giants Log magazines

GIANTS LOG has produced dozens of news letters, one-off specials and a book. Newsletters include interviews, rare material, 40 years of research, and lots of pictures.



Spindrift zines

The Spindrift zines were produced between 1990 and 1995 and included a good mix of fact and fiction with episode and cast pictures.


Friends of Deanna Lund newsletters 

The final DeannaGram newsletter came out in September 2000 and focussed on Starz 2000. Friends of Deanna Lund (FODL) now have a growing presence on the internet. We have created a DeannaGram Gallery as a tribute to the work of Deanna and her organisation. Deanna also wrote a novel with FODL called Valerie in Giantland.

Friends of Deanna Lund Web Page

...e no proximo episodio...

A while back we received this one off fan-written episode guide for 'Land of the Giants' from Brazil. It features biographies for each of the cast and a small synopsis for each of the episodes. It acknowledges The Giants are Coming as it's main source of reference which is nice to know. Each issue covers a different series, and the following issue features the programme 'The Monkees'. Note that this is not in English.


TV LAND is another Brazilian fan publication covering all cult TV programs. The May-June 1995 issue received recently includes an item on Gary Conway and a short article on Zorro (plus a 'Superman' feature). The July 1996 issue has a feature on Deanna Lund plus a small picture of Guy Williams in Zorro. Other items in this issue include a major article on 'Mission Impossible', Stephen J. Cannell, 'Friends', and 'Laredo'.

Irwin Allen Fan club directory

If you have any other Land of the Giants zines not listed here, please send us a spare copy and we will give it a mention here and include a picture.


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