Land of the Giants

Original pack of Topps Gum Cards

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Original pack of Topps Gum Cards
Very rare 1968 Land of the Giants Topps test card and gum pack. Includes one stick of gum. These test packs were originally intended for sale for 5c. It is not known how many of these packs were released.

The Topps cards for Land of the Giants were a test issue where Topps tested these cards in limited stores in a limited number of cities. If they sold well Topps would mass produce them, but if not, they would pull them from the shelves and cut their losses. This is apparently one of the titles that didn't sell too well and quickly got taken from production, leaving very few cards and packs in existence. Notice that the wrapper is a plain wax wrapper with a sticker on it. If the title sold well, Topps would have created a wrapper with artwork typical of regular titles. The 55 card set is similar to the A&BC set produced in the UK but the cards were a slightly different size with the front pictures in a different order. Cards #1-44 have comic strips on the backs and #45-54 have poster pieces to make a giant poster. #55 has a checklist on the back.

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