Land of the Giants

Topps Land of the Giants Front Film Positive #49

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Topps Land of the Giants Front Film Positive #49
2.5x3.5" film positive from same test issue as the uncut sheet offered at Hakes auction #218. This is for card #49 "The Scavengers!" but since that title was printed in red on the actual card and this is the bw positive, the title is absent. Also the back is blank. The production card was printed in full color on both sides. This positive is encapsulated in a plastic holder w/"Topps Vault" seal and displays Mint. Also comes w/Topps Vault COA and matching hologram sticker. A unique item for both non-sport card and Giants collectors. The New England Non-Sports Card Collection.

Appeared in auction #218 on 14 July 2016:

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