Land of the Giants

1980s Japanese Spindrift Kit

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1980s Japanese Spindrift Kit
Land of the Giants 1/200 Spindrift kit. Rare Japanese exclusive vacuform model kit from over 25 years ago. No missing parts, cracks, etc! Pre-assembly and unpainted. Contained in original packaging. Made in japan in the 80s, by General Products (Osaka, Japan).

Item Scale: 1/200 Scale
Hansing Package Size: approx 4.5" x 9.5" inches
Condition: Vacuform kit is in beautiful and excellent condition!!

The "General Products" company was the first SF specialty store in Japan that Toshio Okada had opened in Osaka in 1982. They manufactured various vacuform model kits of the science fiction film and the SF television series at that time.

Sold for $56 on eBay on 5th January 2014.

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