Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants 3/8 oz Candy Box

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Land of the Giants 3/8 oz Candy Box
Box features front/back panel images of giant turtle and bird. Additional images appear on side panels. Candy Box produced by Phoenix Candy Co., Inc. in 1968. There were two different sizes of box, a 3/8 oz box and a slightly longer 1/2 oz box. Each contained candy pieces and either one or two toys depending on the size of the box. The box flaps also included an offer for an ID bracelet or trinket when buyers sent in 2 box flaps and 50c to Phoenix. Note that the Land of the Giants logo was yellow and black for the 3/8 oz box and red, yellow and black for the 1/2 oz box. Sold at the Hakes auction #196 on 4th December 2008 for $262.37.

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