Land of the Giants

Original Spindrift Supersonic Transport Miniature

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Original Spindrift Supersonic Transport Miniature
Original Spindrift Supersonic Transport Miniature from Land of the Giants (ABC-TV, 1968-70). This exquisitely detailed "Hero" or "Beauty" miniature of the highly recognizable Supersonic transport craft was seen on-screen in numerous episodes of Land of the Giants, including the pilot, and was often depicted being examined and/or attacked by the menacing giant-sized humans and animals in the show. The piece features a variety of interesting design details, including original custom paint with pinstriping, recessed hatch door, brass grill honeycombed engine cowlings, tail fin, Plexiglas cockpit window with visible interior, weather antenna, dome, spindrift insignia decal and a phenomenal 1960s-vintage internal electric drum engine, which creates a crude, yet sophisticated alternating lighting effect, simulating the vehicle’s nuclear-powered engines. (Loud but effective!). The miniature is fabricated from fiberglass, and measures 40 in. (long) x 20 in. (wide) x 12 in. (tall). A rare museum-quality miniature which has immediate recognition among TV viewers of the era. The only one of its kind!

Sold for $27,500 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 17 on 12th December 2003. This magnificent prop can now be seen at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum.

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