Code Red - Trapped by Time

Code Red - Trapped by Time

CODE RED - Episode 15

Heavy rains threaten powerlines and mudslides, with repair crews working round the clock to return electrical service. At the same time, the Rorcheks are considering adopting foster child Danny.

A power surge causes a massive fireball and the power company workers are trapped underground by a cave-in. The firefighters go to the rescue. Water mains are ruptured and Ted and Hector are caught in the deluge.


Fernando Lamas


Donald R. Boyle

Guest Cast

R.G. Armstrong - Charlie Howell
Carlos Romero - Hector Robles
Jacqueline Scott - Mrs. Willis (LA County Welfare Department)
James Whitmore Jr. - Ken Owens
Robert Seamans - Inspector Bernwick
Derek Leland Thompson - Workman #2
Clif Cannon - Workman #1
Art Balinger - Newscaster

Date First Aired

21 February 1982