Code Red - A Saved Life

Code Red - A Saved Life

CODE RED - Episode 2

A young boy, Danny Blake has been abandoned by his mother. Danny and his friend Tony witness a plane crash. Danny rushes to rescue the pilot, Captain Fitz, from the small burning aircraft. When he starts to feel that the firefighters have taken all the credit for the rescue, he begins setting a series of fires.


Georg J. Fenady


Lew Hunter, Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella

Guest Cast

Brendon Boone - Police Detective Evans
Tony La Torre - Tony Donato
Steven Marlo - Partridge (arson investigator)
Robert Pierce - Charlie Bowers
Robert Sampson - Vice Principal Borgner
Laney Fichera - Captain Fitz, pilot
Elyssa Davalos - Connie
Woodrow Parfrey
Ted Gehring

Date First Aired

1 November 1981


This episode introduces Danny (Adam Rich), a young child fostered by the Rorcheks. Steve Marlo (Partridge) was a regular Irwin Allen guest star and also voice coach on Irwin's productions.