Code Red - Riddle in the Flames

Code Red - Riddle in the Flames

CODE RED - Episode 17

Stephen Collins, an arsonist, sets off explosions around the city, starting with three incendiary devices in a library, with the latter two set to go off whilst firefighters are tackling the fire resulting from the first device. Obsessed with Haley, he starts sending her cryptic clues (riddles) along the way.


J. Lee Thompson


Laurence Heath

Guest Cast

Frank Marth - Carl Goodson
Gerald S. O'Loughlin - Sam Powell
Joseph Hacker - Stephen Collins (Arsonist)

Other characters:

Miss Kingsley (Collin's neighbour)
Manager at Chinese restaurant
Lady at Chinese restaurant
Two guards at Griffith Observatory
Mr. Wilson (builder at the Bradbury Building)

Date First Aired

14 March 1982