Code Red - Pilot Episode

Code Red Pilot Episode


The pilot episode centers around the investigation of a number of torched fires. The latest arson attack leaves a young boy trapped and another badly burned. Under suspicion is Dr. Gerold Brooks who has 6 malpractice suits against him. The episode introduces Hayley as Los Angeles' first female firefighter.


J. Lee Thompson


Laurence Heath

Guest Cast

Robert Alda - Dr. Gerold Brooks
Burr DeBenning - Sam Buhl
Joaquin Garay III - Rico Ortiz
Anthony Penya - Johnny Raincloud
Josh Albee - Art Walden
Earl Boen - Hotel Clerk
Michael Currie - Dr. Dennis Craig
Eda Reiss Merin - Mrs. Philips
Judith Penrod - Sharon Brooks
Frank Birney - Technician
J. C. Carr - Hook and Ladder Driver
Howard Culver - Dispatches
Sarah Dammann - Lorna
Wayne Hamilton - Fire Chief
Nick Mariano - Donavan
Nora Meerbaum - Woman in burning building
Olan Soule - Mr. Kooler

Date First Aired

20 September 1981


The little boy Rico Ortiz (played by Joaquin Garay III) was replaced in the series by the new character Danny Blake (played by Adam Rich).