Code Red - No Escape

Code Red - No Escape

CODE RED - Episode 18

A friend of Danny's, Scott Meyers, is taken to Bayside hospital after a bike accident. At the same time, a drug addict, Eddie Morton, is brought in. He escapes when his handcuffs are removed for X-raying. In a panic he starts a fire at the hospital next to a lab containing a deadly viral influenza virus. Fortunately, the fire department are already on site due to a false alarm. Smoke endangers the operating theatre where Scott is being operated on. Then there is power failure and they start to realise there is a fire in the electrical system.


Phil Bondelli


Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser

Guest Cast

Max Wright - Dr. Hampton (surgeon)
Georgann Johnson - Carla Mitchell (blonde lady at hospital)
Ellen Geer - Mrs. Bonnie Meyers (mother of Danny's friend)
Antony Alda - Marquez
Luisa Leschin - Theresa Marquez (pregnant lady)
Robert Bryan Berger - Eddie Morton, the drug addict
John Dewey-Carter - Policeman
Luce Morgan - Head Nurse (attending pregnant lady)
Haunani Minn - Surgical Nurse

Date First Aired

21 March 1982


Antony Alda is half brother of Alan Alda and son of Robert Alda who appeared in the pilot episode of Code Red.

Max Wright suffered regularly at the hands of delightful TV alien Alf.