Code Red - Fireworks

Code Red - Fireworks

CODE RED - Episode 7

Dangerous and illegal fireworks are being sold at Danny's school. One rocket starts a fire and as the kids run off, a spark in the firework box sets a mass of fire works off. A man gets trapped in his office. Fortunately the firefighters rescue him just before the warehouse explodes. Joe finds Danny playing with sparklers which he bought at school. Ted goes undercover to investigate. Danny watches out for what is going on at school and gets held captive by the instigators.


Phil Bondelli


Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella


Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella and Rick Edelstein

Guest Cast

Dan Spector - Mike Waters
Stanley Brock - Masters
Ralph Seymour - Jimmy
Marc Vahanian - David Jones
Jerome Guardino - Jones
Terry Burns - Doctor
David Raynr (aka David Hubbard or David Raynor) - Stan Ellison

Other characters:

Johnny (young boy buying fireworks)
Peter (young boy buying fireworks)
Police Chief Rogers
Tyler (school principal)
Mrs Ellison (Stan's mother)

Date First Aired

6 December 1981