Cannot believe we have lost dear Francine York today (6th January 2017), special guest in so many Irwin Allen productions. A very sad day. Below we take you down an Irwin Allen memory lane of some of Francine's appearances.

Francine York as Dr North in Land of the Giants

Francine York (as Lia Holmes) in Irwin Allen's 1969 City Beneath the Sea presentation reel

Francine York and Vito Scotti in Irwin Allen's Adventures of the Queen

Francine York as Daisy Kempel in Irwin Allen's 1976 TV Movie Flood

Francine York as Dr. Helen Sanders in Irwin Allen's 1976 The Time Travelers

Francine York as Niolani in Irwin Allen's Lost in Space episode The Colonists

Visiting with Francine in 1992



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