The Spindrift Camp by David Holderbaum

New painting of the Spindrift Camp by David Holderbaum

Hapgood's Travelin' Man

Hapgood's Travelin' Man

Kenneth Netzel Gallery


Ken Netzel's amazing robot collection was recently showcased on the WGRZ channel with particular attention paid to his full scale Lost in Space Robot.

Ken Netzel's Robot Collection

Watch WGRZ segment at Ken's Home


Actor, writer, director and producer Zalman King died on Friday 3rd February 2012. To the Irwin Allen universe, he is best known for his role as the feisty young man, Nick, in the Land of the Giants episode The Lost Ones.

Zalman King in Land of the Giants, The Lost Ones

BBC Tribute

Deadly Creature Below

Deadly Creature Below by David Holderbaum

New painting of Deadly Creature Below by David Holderbaum

Visit the David Holderbaum Showcase Gallery

The Anti-Matter Robot Tribute

The Anti-Matter Robot Tribute by Philip Hamrick

Philip Hamrick has produced a beautiful tribute to Dick Tufeld and Bob May in the form of a diorama depicting a scene from The Anti-Matter Man.

Visit the Philip Hamrick Allson Model Studio Gallery




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