Allan Hunt, Del Monroe and Terry Becker at StarCon 1997

In 1997, we went over to California to meet up with Paul Zastupnevich's family and to attend the Starcon 1997 event in Pasadena. The Voyage 97 convention was happening at the same time, so it was our mission to obtain signed photographs from the Voyage actors at Starcon to send back to the UK as prizes. Allan Hunt, Del Monroe, Terry Becker, and Paul Carr were more than willing to help.

The warmth and enthusiasm that we were greeted with by the Voyage actors inspired the VIP convention that followed in October 1998, with Allan, Del and Terry all expressing keen interest in attending an event in England.


The Voyage 97 convention was held in Sheffield, and our late President, Paul Zastupnevich, had hoped to attend the event, but unfortunately, that was not to be. So fans gathered together anyway and remembered Paul and all he had done for the Voyage 94 event.


In honour of the Voyage 97 event and as our special tribute to Paul Zastupnevich, we wrote our Voyage 97 Special and handed over copies to the organisers before flying out to the US. As you can imagine we had a very hectic time, tinged with great sadness, during the summer of 1997.


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