Giants Log and IANN try to arrange as many opportunities as possible for fans to gather together for parties and sharing their interest in the Irwin Allen shows. These opportunities also often provide the chance to meet and/or chat with those who made these shows and movies possible.

In March 1992, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Land of the Giants, Giants Log held a mini-convention at a local golf club, and the event included party food, cake (of course), games, art displays, and lots of opportunities to chat. In the evening we held a buffet meal and arranged several telephone calls with Irwin Allen actors and crew. We had the opportunity to chat with writers Bob and Esther Mitchell, Stefan Arngrim, Kevin Hagen, John Abbott, writer Ellis St. Joseph, and Giants guest star, Marshall Stewart.


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This website is a tribute to Irwin Allen, the performers, the production crews, and the studios who made the television shows and movies a reality. It is also a tribute to all the people who help to keep these productions alive for future generations.

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